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What our active subscribers and regular readers say have really motivated me a lot to do more with my life and I must say this is the only Blog I trust when it comes to personal growth. They are really gaining ground globally.

– Pst David Umoh (Business Strategist at Crosspath)

I give five gold stars for his deep knowledge and
professionalism. Thank you Dr Frank it’s been a pleasure working with you. I
highly recommend this platform.

– Kingsley Ezeasoibe (MD/C.E.O at RegalMasters Innovations)

This Blog has really helped me to redefine my life purpose to love intensely, and share generously;
to joyfully explore, learn and grow; and to creatively serve the highest good of all.

– Christiana Ibeh (Copywriter at Dynamic)

About Dr Frank Chukwuemeka

Conscious growth has been the central focus of my life for many years. I study what it means to grow and how we can deliberately invite, process, and integrate new growth experiences. I read, research, explore, experiment, contemplate, test, and refine ideas. As I discover meaningful insights, I share them via my blog e.t.c

All life is sacred to me. I’ve been a veterinarian since 1999. I relate to animals as product and property, so I cherish them, own them, and even take good care them. Some of my most inspiring experiences have been in the presence of animals, such as when I walked between two bears while hiking alone in the woods, feeling a beautiful sense of kinship without fear. I encourage you to treat the other beings of this world with respect and compassion. It’s unnecessary, unintelligent, and counterproductive to abuse our power over other species. This is especially important as we develop stronger AI.

The readers of this site inspire me. Their results often exceed my own, and their encouraging feedback motivates me to keep exploring, growing, writing, and speaking. We all grow faster when we cooperate and support each other.

Although many people regard me as a personal growth expert, I see myself as a perpetual student and explorer. I love deep dives into fresh learning experiences. I especially like the beginner phase of each

new exploration since that’s when I learn the fastest.

I do what I can to support people on their paths of growth. I encourage people to contribute value to the world as well, so we can create compounding ripples of improvement for all. My motivation is to
encourage a broader commitment to co-creating a more intelligent, growth-oriented world. Share my work freely.

Before I started blogging about personal growth in 2011, I’ve been running my own animal clinic company (GANS VETERINARY CLINIC) for 19+ years, presently ranks among the top veterinary centers in Africa, mostly focused on providing compassionate care and building relationship with families. For five of those years, I wrote articles on the side to help other Vets to maintain a better practices to keep
animals ever healthy. Readers kept requesting more articles on a wide range of topics, which eventually motivated me to get into blogging. I’m still active in my veterinary services and I have realized I could
create more positive ripples in the world by making out time to do personal development work.

What I Do

My goal is to help you improve your well-being, unleash your potential and to encourage you to bring positive changes in your own life and your surroundings.

I Coach.

I coach people who want to improve themselves and their life, achieve genuine happiness and radiant health and make a positive impact on the world.

I Speak.

I provide a powerful, passionate, transparent, positive example of the unlimited possibilities available to those truly committed to motivation.

I Write.

My writing serves as a source that would offer a wide range of information aiming to improve one’s life. The idea is to offer the reader a comprehensive guide to advancing different areas of their life.

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

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