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At GANS Veterinary Clinic, we enjoy taking care of your pets and love to follow your pet through the years and build a relationship with you and your pet.


At Gans Veterinary Clinic, we enjoy providing compassionate care and building relationship with families. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and care you need in order to keep your pet in good health. By working together, we can help you enjoy each living day that you spend with your pet so that you can create a lifetime of memories.

We have a culture of prompt and efficient service delivery. With our seasoned team of Doctors and Professional pet trainers, your pets could not be in better hands. We understand that medical practice is ever changing therefore we are continually in search of new remedies and better practices to keep our pet ever healthy.

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We offer our clients a fully stocked pets products and Veterinary services.

At Gans Veterinary Clinic, we offer wellness, pharmacy, laboratory, microchip, veterinary dermatology , diagnostic, pest control and fumigation and emergency services. Our doctors and trained support staff use resources such as ultrasound, digital x-ray, acupuncture, and laser therapy to provide the best care for your best friend. To learn more, select one of the categories listed below.

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Every bit of our competent members are trained and verified in the most modern approaches, with us it is possible to feel confident that your pet is receiving the best care possible in a safe, caring and enriching environment.

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We have a well stocked pets mart for all pet needs from pet toys, pet food, treats, cages and many other accessories. We strive to provide complete care for our patients which includes General Surgery, Vaccination, Grooming, Retainer/Pet Insurance, Medical Procedure, Emergency / Critical Care, etc.

General Surgery

We provide a lot of surgical procedures including orthopedic procedures, abdominal exploration.


Veterinary vaccines helps reduce severe symptoms of disease such as diarrhea, vomiting, death, etc.

Pet Training

We are trained and committed to helping ensure your pet maintains a great quality of life.


Enjoy grooming your pet through the years and build a relationship with us and your pet.

Our Featured Products

Dog Nail Clipper

This nail clipper is special designed for home pets use.

Dog Iron Cage

This iron cage is suitable for most medium and large dogs.

Dog Harness

This helps to better control and train the dog to walk beside you.

Medical Care

Top-rated medical well-being

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We offer amongst others: top-rated pet sells, medical, surgical and dental veterinary care.  You can make a one stop for all your pet’s care.


Professional Expertise

At Gans Veterinary, we boast of our highly professional staff that aid to help and heal your pets with excellent and seasoned care. This means we work with you to achieve optimal pet health through dedication, integrity and hard work to nurture your animal to optimal fulfilment.

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A healthy pet is a happy pet. That’s why our team of trained professionals offer quality care for your companion. We know them inside and out, which means we know when things are good and when we need to pay more attention. Our clinic is here for you.

Gans Veterinary Clinic is a source of protective love and nurturing that you will find without equal. We provide informative and supportive service and we form open and trusting relationships with pets and their people. You’ll find us to be highly informed, empathetic and enthusiastic in fulfilling our mission to help your companions enjoy better health and live better lives.